License Number BC-20690

License Number BC-20690

License Number BC-20690

Water Lines



From comprehensive inspections and effective repairs to trenchless solutions, our skilled team at Waialae Plumbing is ready to tackle any potable water line system issue. Don’t hesitate—reach out to us now at (808) 735-8595 for dependable and timely resolutions.

Dedicated to serving Honolulu, we at Waialae Plumbing pride ourselves on being the trusted plumbing experts in the region. With over 25 years of service excellence since 1994, we have steadfastly stood as a beacon of reliability for the community. Our expertise doesn’t just end at Potable Water Line System Repair services; we’re proficient in managing pressurized water systems too.

Centrally located in Kaka’ako, our facility is primed to cater to both homeowners and businesses throughout Honolulu for all their potable and pressurized water line needs. We ensure our technicians receive top-tier training, positioning us as the go-to plumbing experts you can rely on.

Should you need to report water trouble, or require assistance with potable water pipe repair, camera inspections, water leaks, clogs, and more, we’re just a call away. Our commitment is your peace of mind. Let us handle your plumbing concerns, ensuring they never disrupt your serenity.


At Waialae Plumbing, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services in Honolulu. Our team of skilled professionals specializes in water line repairs and replacements, ensuring efficient and effective solutions for our customers. Here are some of the specific services we provide:

Potable Water Line Maintenance and Preventive Services

To help you avoid costly potable water line repairs in the future, we offer maintenance and preventive services. Our team will perform regular inspections, cleanings, and necessary maintenance tasks to keep your potable water lines in optimal condition. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques in the industry. By leveraging modern technology, we ensure that our potable water line repair services are efficient, effective, and tailored to meet your specific needs. We are the best plumbing company in Honolulu!


Detecting the need for potable water line repair is crucial to prevent water damage, wastage, and contamination. Look out for these signs that might indicate you need potable water line repair:

Low Water Pressure: A sudden drop in water pressure throughout your home can indicate a leak or blockage in your water line.

Discolored Water: If your tap water appears cloudy, brown, or noticed any discoloration it might suggest corrosion or sediment buildup in the water line.

Puddles or Standing Water: Puddles or areas of standing water in your yard, especially when it hasn’t rained recently, might point to an underground water line leak.

Unusual Water Tastes or Odors: Foul smells or strange tastes in your tap water can indicate contaminants entering the water line due to a breach or damage.

Mold or Mildew Growth: Excessive moisture in your walls, floors, or ceilings caused by a leak in the water line can lead to mold or mildew growth.

Decreased Water Flow: If the water flow from your faucets is significantly weaker than usual, it could be due to a blockage or damage in the water line.

Sounds of Running Water: If you can hear the sound of water running even when all taps are turned off, there might be a hidden leak in your water line.

Visible Corrosion or Rust: Corrosion, rust, or visible deterioration on exposed pipes can be an indication that your water line needs attention.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to address the issue promptly. Reach out to us now to assess the situation, perform necessary repairs, and ensure the safety and integrity of your potable water supply.

Don’t let these disrupt your daily routine. Contact us today and let our experts take care of your potable water line needs.

We take pride in being the leading plumbing company in Honolulu for potable water line repair services. When it comes to addressing your plumbing needs, we offer several advantages that set us apart from other plumbing companies in the area.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Technicians

Our team of licensed plumbing professionals boasts years of hands-on experience in pipeline installations and repairs. Regularly updated with cutting-edge training, they are adept at handling everything from corroded pipelines to main line rehabilitations. Trusting us means putting your needs in the hands of seasoned experts who ensure precision and excellence in every project.

Comprehensive Services Explained Clearly

We recognize the complexities of plumbing and pipe issues, and the challenges they present to homeowners. Prioritizing clarity, we’re dedicated to demystifying the process for our clients. Our technicians take the time to walk you through every phase of the job, from diagnosing a corroded pipeline to implementing advanced rehabilitate techniques. By detailing each step and its importance, we ensure you are well-informed and confident about the solutions we provide for your potable water lines.

Improved Water Supply and Flow

A well-maintained potable water line system is crucial for a healthy and efficient plumbing system. By choosing Waialae Plumbing, you can ensure that your water supply and flow are improved. Our expert technicians will identify and repair any issues, ensuring that you have consistent and adequate water supply throughout your property.

Enhanced Water Quality

A damaged water line can lead to contamination of your water supply, affecting its quality and safety. Our team at Waialae Plumbing understands the importance of clean and safe water for you and your family. We employ advanced techniques and equipment to address plumbing issues, minimizing the risk of water contamination and ensuring that your water quality is maintained at the highest standards.

Reliable Water Line Solutions

Potable water line problems often manifest in the form of reduced water flow, inconsistent pressure, or discolored water. Our expert technicians are well-equipped to handle all types of flow issues related to your potable water line. Whether it’s a simple disruption or a more complex pressure issue, we have the tools and expertise to restore proper water flow in your home or business.

When you choose Waialae Plumbing for your potable water line repair needs, you can expect top-notch service, experienced technicians, improved water supply and flow, enhanced water quality, and reliable water flow solutions.


If you’re facing challenges with your water pipe or require water service repairs in Honolulu, Waialae Plumbing is the name to trust. Our licensed and seasoned plumbers are equipped and ready to handle any complications related to your drinking water and pipe system.

Our dedication is reflected in our swift response and top-tier emergency services even after business hours. Rest assured that we’ll promptly address any issues compromising your drinking water’s quality. With our expertise, bolstered by the latest tools and techniques, we promise reliable and high-caliber install and repairs for your pipe fixtures.

We believe in clarity and honesty, especially when it comes to pricing. Our competitive rates come without any hidden surprises, ensuring full transparency and excellent services to clients. To embark on a seamless journey to enhanced water service, please call us (808) 735-8595 or navigate to our website. Don’t delay; let Waialae Plumbing be the guardian of your potable water systems! 


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Sean Boyle
Awesome company.
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Russell Higa
I've had an excellent experience with this company. Patrick was friendly, professional, and deftly cleared the clog in my kitchen sink. The ancient pipes in my building are extremely difficult to work with and the level of service he provided was above and beyond. I'll definitely use the Waialae again when I have plumbing problems.
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Cade Roster
We’ve had a good relationship with Waialae Plumbing for many years. Daniel is no exception! Professional, knowledgeable and efficient.
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Brian Dunkel
Waialae Plumbing (and their companions at Waialae Electric) are the best! Always happy with their work, professionalism and courtesy. Highly recommend!
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Lloyd Nakata
Excellent service by knowledgeable and experienced plumbing technician.
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Suzie Anderson
These are your go to plumbers!
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Gordon Chang
They gave me a next-day appt, as I had a leaky faucet. They arrived on time and finished quickly. They were polite and efficient and even donned masks after asking me if I wanted them to mask up. I love this company and will continue to rely on them.
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ocean blue
He is very kind and professional. He also gave very reasonable prices. Thanks again.